31 August 2012

Artists-in-Residence workspace on the 'Kanangra'

On our first day at the Heritage Dock, I walked on board the old ferry 'Kanangra'.  How different from the days when I rode in her to work each day!

The top deck is our workspace - an art studio and a Mens Shed.
Freshly red-painted windows were laid out to dry on a bench - the golden afternoon light flooded the interior - here was a painting subject and I started work with pencil and watercolour .......

Warm afternoon light through an orange tarpaulin, cool blue interior.
Back at home, I could take my time and develop the subject.  Because the only available canvas was not a matching rectangle, I had to adapt the original sketch and bring the window frames more to the foreground; after all, that beautiful new red paint deserved pride of place.

The finished oil painting next to the sketch.
(I still want to keep the sketch, so made sure it was safe in a plastic pouch from oily splashes .)