10 September 2012

Jane Bennett paints the 'Lady Hopetoun'

As the 'Lady Hopetoun' was the first vessel that was acquired by the Sydney Heritage Fleet, it seemed appropriate to kick off my residency in earnest with her portrait.

I looked for a quiet spot that was sheltered from the sun and wind to start my painting, 
and found a little nook sheltered by a forest of giant rusty pipes in the Ability Barges' yard 
next to the Heritage Dock. I explained what I was attempting to do and they were very happy 
to let me stay there to paint as it was out of their way. 
In the Sydney Heritage Fleet yard itself it can be difficult to get a complete view of some 
of the vessels, so I was grateful for this vantage point which gave me a great view.

I started the canvas, which is 36 x 46cm, about 2pm and had to leave off at about 5pm when the light faded. It is about half-finished - plein air painting can leave you with the problem of having several half-finished works waiting for the right weather conditions and time of day to complete. 

I'll need to return to put the finishing touches to this work - same time, same kind of sunny day!