8 October 2012

Christine sketches maintenance work on 'Endeavour' and 'James Craig'

The Australian National Maritime Museum has made us very welcome,
and one morning in August some of the women artists met at there and
sketched and painted around the wharves. It was a very windy day,
so I was happy to snuggle up on the deck of the tall ship 'Endeavour'
and sketch from there. 
I have never used so much red paint!

On 'Endeavour' there is always work to do, and Steve and Tony have a nice shady spot this morning.

 Over in the large building called 'Wharf 7', alongside the tall ship 'James Craig', 
is a workshop where one of her masts is currently laid out for work.  
It was a lovely scene of 'boaty' clutter, and I settled into 
the corner and sketched the guys at work.  
I think I will make a large watercolour painting of this scene - 
it is evocative of the Sydney Heritage Fleet's whole ethos.  

Here in the workshop of Wharf 7, the mizzen mast of 'James Craig' is laid our for a complete stripping of old varnish and white lead paint.  It's a tedious work, and Cody and the volunteers keep at it!